My story

I'm born and raised in Scandinavia more specificly in Denmark. I've started getting into Entrepreneurship officially since my 18th Birthday. 

2010: Moved out of Denmark to Sweden

2013: Moved to London, UK. Started my first company there as a consultant - as well as found my wife.

2014: Our first son was born.

2015: We got married!

2017: We moved to Spain (Sotogrande), set up a company (S.L.) and learned a lot of culture as well as a bit of the language.

2018: Our second son was born! Busy times!

2019: We moved back to the UK for a year. 

2020: Just before Brexit, we moved to Portugal - and is setting up life here for the next long time. If we can't travel the world, we need to live somewhere that energise us. 

Other than teaching - who am I?

Skillswise I've started out as a web developer from around 2005. 

I started one of Denmarks first ecommerce's in 2004 - you know before card payments was a thing!

From 2008 (18 years old) things where official - I started my own business. 

From the first day I've worked as a freelancer, later consultant - and along the way started a few businesses. I've had the great pleasure of working with great brands all from leading automotive industry, printing and to Nasdaq listed companies.

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